Cow Camp Grill & Seasoning Co. - Catering for all Occasions
Cow Camp
Grill & Seasoning Co.
Catering for all Occasions
On site cooking
Roasted over mesquite and sliced to your liking
Filet Strip – New York  - Prime Rib
Tri-Tip  - Cross Rib  - Lamb Sirloin  - Pork Loin
At Market Price
Steaks – Seasoned and seared over mesquite
Filet – New York  - Rib
At market price
Tri-Tip                           $14.99
                                       CowCamp Seasoned
Chicken                                                               Ribs
   Maui Marinated        $16.99                            Baby Back Pork Ribs   $ 15.99       Chicken Breast                                                                                                 
Cow Camp Seasoned                                   Maui Style Beef Ribs      Mkt. Price
    Chicken  Breast      $16.99     
Combination Dinners
Tri Tip & Chicken          $18.99
                                        Baby Back Ribs &
Chicken Breast               $19.99
Dinner includes your choice of the following:
Select 1 salad, 1 hot dish and 1 bread
Salad                             Hot Dish                          Bread
                    Mixed Green Salad        CowCamp Beans              Rolls
                           Potato Salad                  Green Beans&Ham           Sourdough Sliced
                           Pasta Salad                    Garlic Mashed Potatoes   Sweet French Sliced
                           Caesar Salad                
Additional side dishes are $1.50 per person
Table Service provided on heavy Chinette plates with heavy duty plastic utensils & napkins.
All products seasoned with our Famous Garlic Season-all
Price are per person, based on 100 or more persons.
There will be an extra charge for smaller groups.
A mileage fee may apply for out of area events.
Gratuity 15%
Desserts are available for an extra charge
To book an event call us at 916-645-1495
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